Ways to Workout This Christmas

Written by
8fit Team @ 8fit
Written by
8fit Team @ 8fit
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Celebrating Christmas with friends and family entails plenty of food, drinks and games. This Christmas why not spend some quality time and get everyone to squeeze in something active together

Exercise doesn’t have to be exhausting and boring. On the contrary, there are tons of ways to get active and have fun with the ones you care about. Furthermore, while having fun, not only will you be reaping the benefits exercise has to offer but you’ll also have everyone overflowing with positive endorphins.

Here are some merry ways and ideas to get active this Christmas.

1. Stroll it out

Waiting for the Christmas dinner to cook? Dress warm and go for a winter stroll with your loved ones. Having a brisk walk before you eat will not only help to burn off that mince pie you ate earlier, but it will help you digest and absorb the nutrients you get from your Christmas meal in a more effective way. Depending on the intensity and duration, aerobic exercise like walking, swimming or rowing predominately uses carbohydrates as its main source of energy. Therefore as you walk, you will be using up your carbs for energy and thus will need to be replaced, ultimately using your Christmas dinner effectively.

2. Have fun outside

Put those new toys to good use by playing a fun game outside.  Take a ball and play a game of football or catch.  This is a great way to build up a sweat, get some fresh air and is a healthy way to get everyone involved and spend some quality time together.  If you are lucky enough to have snow, you could even expel some energy and burn off some calories making a cool snowman!

3. Do an 8fit workout together

Your Christmas meal has digested and you are sitting in front of the fire. Usually you’ll play a board game or watch a Christmas special on TV. Before you get cozy, play your favourite Christmas song and perform an 8fit workout together as a family. The HIIT style workout will ensure that you put the calories of your Christmas meal to good use as you release endorphins, elevating your energy and mood. Remember you can always modify the movement for anyone in the family. Keep in mind quality form is most important.

This Christmas, why not spend a little time getting active together. Remember a little exercise goes a long way. Be warned, exercise is known to cause good moods and healthy bodies.

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