Must-Knows Before Your First 8fit Workout

Written by
8fit Team @ 8fit
Written by
8fit Team @ 8fit
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It’s time to stop overthinking and dreading that workout and get it done! In this article, we’ll explain what to wear, how to prepare your space, how to fuel your body before you start moving, and more. After this first work out is in the books, you’ll feel sweaty, accomplished and motivated to do a second, a third, a fourth — until workouts become a fun habit.

8 Steps to prepare for your first workout

It’s time to prepare for your first workout! Here are eight steps to take to get your mind and body ready. If your last meal was four or more   Give yourself about 10 minutes to prepare before the workout starts.

  1. Hydrate: Hours before the workout starts — unless you’re working out first thing in the morning —  hydrate properly. During AM workouts, do your best to drink at least eight ounces of water before the workout starts, then another 8 ounces during the warmup. To hydrate for workouts later in the day, bring your water everywhere with you — the car, the office, the supermarket.

  2. Fuel your body: If your workout is in the afternoon or evening, have a full meal two to four hours before. If your last meal was more than four hours ago, eat a small snack with carbs and a small amount of protein. Get more pre-workout meal do’s and don’ts here.

  3. Set up your space: If you train from home, find an area where you have enough space to do planks, walking lunges, and jumping movements. We like training on wooden or carpeted surfaces best; consider investing in a rubber mat if you’re training on concrete or tiles.

  4. Get your equipment: Most 8fit workouts don’t require equipment — just your bodyweight. However, if you’re in a more advanced program, you might see the option for “light hand weights.” Always review the exercises in your workout to make sure you have all the props you want or need (a mat, chair, coffee table, wall, light weights, etc.).

  5. Get dressed: Wear sports clothing that allows you to move your body with ease. That doesn’t mean you must go out and buy the latest and most innovative sweat-wicking apparel, just put on airy, stretchy clothing. Ladies, make sure you have a supportive bra to protect your back and shoulders during jumping movements.

  6. Get rid of those distractions: Switch the TV off and turn off the noise or notifications on your phone. If you’re at home, make sure everyone in the house knows your need some “me time” — it’s only 15 minutes or so.

  7. Keep a towel close: Place water, your equipment, and a small towel in your workout space. A towel is a great way to wipe away sweat to keep your area hygienic and slip-free.

  8. Choose a playlist: Music is essential, especially during high-intensity workouts. Pick a playlist that’ll motivate you to push your limits.

Enjoy your first workout! You’re well on your way to a happier, healthier life.

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