10-minute Bedtime Yoga | Get Ready To Catch Some Z's

Written by
8fit Team @ 8fit
Written by
8fit Team @ 8fit
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When you’re a kid, you never want to go to bed. As an adult, all you want is a good night’s sleep.

The funny thing is (and we don’t mean “funny-ha-ha”), good sleep can be increasingly elusive as you get older. There’s no shortage of factors fighting against you and quality time with your pillow. Maybe there’s the stress of a new job, kids sucking up every last moment of your attention, or just the general responsibilities that come with being an adult in the 21st Century. Whatever the reason you’re struggling to catch some Zzzs, we understand.

Now we’re in the third paragraph, which means we better drop a bit of good news before we lose you! Fortunately, we’ve got some in the form of Mel Douglas’s Bedtime Yoga routine.

Mel founded the Black Women’s Yoga Collective in 2018 to serve underrepresented communities in the wellness world. We loved her story, her style, her...well...everything, so we invited her out to our headquarters in Berlin to share some of her favorites practices with us––and by extension––our 8fitters.

Click here to have a look at Mel’s yoga workouts on the 8fit app.

Why do bedtime yoga?

You know that afterburn we talking about when it comes to HIIT training? That's why we don't recommend HIIT right before bed. Your heart rate elevates and then stays elevated for about an hour. This makes it hard to wind down and go to sleep. 

Yoga, on the other hand, is a great sleep aid. You heart rate won't elevate as high as it would during HIIT or cardio workouts. Plus, some of the postures are great for releasing tension and relaxing your body––priming yourself for sleep.

Bedtime Yoga with Mel

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