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Our mission

We bring healthy living to everyone, in a way that works with their lifestyle.

8fit, with over one million users, is at heart a coaching organization, connecting to users through our app. Our programs focus on simple meal plans and effective workouts you can follow at home without equipment.

Users receive customized content and tools, designed by an in-house team of certified trainers and nutritionists. Everything you need to get in shape from home.

Fitness for the rest of us

It’s time to go back to the basics. To stay active. Eat real food. Take the stairs up. Make better choices. We make fitness work for you, using scientifically proven programs that deliver results fast.

We believe that everyone can live a healthy life with minimal time commitment. We coach you to find a program that works for your goals and your lifestyle. A program you can stick with.

Our team offers custom workouts, personalized meal plans, and tools like weight tracking. Programs are designed so you can follow them anywhere – at home, outdoors or while traveling. Workouts take less than 20 minutes and adapt to your level.

History of 8fit

8fit was born in June of 2014. The first few months 8fit was managed as the team traveled through Southeast Asia. As 8fit grew, we settled in Berlin in March of 2015. We also run a team out of California. In this short time, we have grown to 25 team members and over one million users.

“8fit” is a wordplay paying homage to the 8bit video games, which were an inspiration to the game mechanics inside the app. We believe fitness is meant to be fun.


“I love how the workouts are literally step by step and the reminders that are emailed to me are just sassy enough to keep it in my mind to work out. I have become addicted to it even sometimes working out twice in one day! As a stay at home mom of two boys under two years old my alone time is almost non existent but because the workouts are short yet efficient I easily get it done during nap time. I started my fitness level at beginner and for the first time ever I am excited to work out and work my way through each level.” -Kate H.

“This app is extremely thought-out from the options of a warm-up, picking a playlist, as well as unique, motivational reminders. Not only have the developers thought the details through, but the workouts are extremely intense…” -Jonathan L.


Berlin (Germany) & Palo Alto (CA)

Our Founder

Pablo Villalba – a successful entrepreneur passionate about product design. He previously founded Redbooth, a collaboration app used by customers like Spotify, Warner Bros, DHL and Volkswagen to share tasks and files. The company grossed millions in yearly sales and has offices in California and Barcelona.

He’s one of the most influential Spanish entrepreneurs under 30, having raised over $21mm in funding. He’s also been featured in major publications like Forbes and The New York Times.

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