What’s New: Weekly Classes, HIIT Pilates, Tasty Recipes

Written by
8fit Team @ 8fit
Written by
8fit Team @ 8fit
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Our team is working hard in the background to prepare some new, amazing content for you. The biggest update is our Weekly Class. Also noteworthy to mention is our new HIIT Pilates workouts by our coach, Chantelle. The last big update we’ll mention today – and arguably the tastiest – is several new recipes.

Let’s get into the details.

Weekly Class

You may have seen our new Weekly Class when you last visited the 8fit app. Maybe you already joined one, in which case, you’re already one step ahead. Great work! But we wanted to let you know that they’re not just a little something extra to see us through quarantine, they’re here to stay.

In each of these full-length classes, an 8fit trainer goes into the details of the exercise, sharing pro tips to avoid injury and maximize the effectiveness of your workout. Because every one of us is working at a different level, modifications are given for each movement to make sure it’s right for you.

A new 40+ minute class goes live every Monday at 6am (your local time) and is available for 36 hours. You can schedule a reminder or add it to your calendar in advance. Want to check it out? Open your 8fit app and the next class is right there at the top. You can sign up for a reminder or simply join the class when it goes live. 

HIIT Pilates

Ready to introduce some multitasking to your workouts, or just want to keep things fresh and break up the burpees with something new? Check out HIIT Pilates!

These 20 new workouts add a new pace to your usual routine by combining the slow, precise, strengthening exercises of a great Pilates workout with the calorie-burning, cardio-boosting intensity of a HIIT session. It’s an exciting new way to move, training the whole body—we’re talking ALL the muscles—while getting the heart rate up and into that fat-burn zone. 

8fit’s Pilates instructor, Chantelle, has developed a mix of beginner, intermediate and advanced full body workouts, with the options to break it down to focus on the core, upper, and lower body too. Whether you’re a Pilates pro, a HIIT disciple, or have never tried either, you’ll find a workout that suits you. 

New recipes

Teased in the image you clicked on to read this article is our Garlic Tofu & Quinoa with Spinach recipe. Here are some others you might need making their way into your meal plan rotation soon.

  • Greek-style stuffed potato

  • Curry-spiced stuffed potato

  • Sweet & sour chicken

  • Garlic tofu & quinoa with spinach

These ones won’t show in your meal plan but you can search for them in your recipe book and make them as fun snacks. The newest addition is are our Sweet Potato Banana Cookies. Then we have some older, revamped recipes that are great for summer – the Chocolate Fruit Trio and Lemon Coconut Protein Bites.

  • Sweet potato banana cookies

  • Chocolate fruit trio

  • Lemon coconut protein bites

If you have any feedback for our content team, please send to feedback@8fit.com.

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