8 Stretches For People Who Sit All Day Because Life Is Sedentary Now

Written by
Joe @ 8fit
Written by
Joe @ 8fit
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Life is sedentary now. For better or worse, most of us have to sit at desks for work––no matter the grind.

In general, life is better than back when we were all tilling our own fields and wondering when the next plague would kill us all, so we'll keep our griping about sitting all day to a minimum. It just means we need to proactively combat the negatives that come with spending most of the day sedentary.

You know what does the trick? Stretching. Below are 8 simple stretches that target muscle groups that are weakened by prolonged sitting.

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Chest stretch | 30 seconds

1. Start standing, feet hip-width apart
2. Interlace hands behind low back
3. Pull hands down away from shoulders opening the chest
4. Hold for suggested time

Standing back stretch | 30 seconds

1. Stand with feet hip-width apart
2. Clasp hands behind low back
3. Move hands down, coming into a slight backbend

Crossbody arm stretch | 30 seconds

1. Start standing, feet shoulder-width apart
2. Reach right arm across body
3. Hold right arm with a bent left arm and gently pull
4. Repeat on the opposite side

Wrist rotations | 15 seconds

1. Start standing tall
2. Bend elbows so arms are 90°
3. Close fists and rotate wrists toward each other
4. Repeat in the opposite direction

Supine Stretch | 15 seconds

1. Start lying on back, knees bent, feet flat on floor
2. Lengthen legs long
3. Reach arms in opposing direction to legs
4. Stretch from fingertips to toes

Leg cross overs | 15 seconds

1. Start lying on back, hands by side
2. Spread arms further away from body and float left leg up to ceiling
3. Roll onto right hip crossing left leg over body
4. Repeat on the opposite side

Back rolls | 30 seconds

1. Start seated with spine straight
2. Bring hands to back of thighs or to shins
3. Engage abs and rock back onto shoulder, then come back to seated

Lying torso twist | 30 seconds

1. Start lying flat on back
2. Bend right knee in toward chest, holding with both hands
3. Right arm reaches wide onto mat,
4. Left hand gently pulls right knee over body for a torso twist
5. Repeat on the opposite side

Butterfly | 30 seconds

1. Sit on floor with straight back, soles of feet together
2. Pull heels as close to pelvis as possible
3. Keep back straight and lean slightly forward
4. Push knees towards floor to extend the stretch
5. Breathe deeply and hold stretch for desired time

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