Announcing 8fit Workouts for Amazon Halo

Written by
8fit Team @ 8fit
Written by
8fit Team @ 8fit
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Exciting news, 8fit crew! We are ecstatic to be working with Amazon to bring HIIT, yoga, and more to its Amazon Halo members. Halo is a new health and wellness membership by Amazon that uses technology to help you better understand yourself.

The Halo band – which our head coach Emily is wearing in tomorrow’s 8fit Class (Nov. 9, 2020) – has no watch face so you’re not distracted by messages or notifications during your workouts or workday. In the background, Halo gathers information from your movement, heart rate, sleep and even the tone of your voice to help you understand how your habits affect your health.

When you dive into the Halo app, you’ll find 1 to 4-week programs – what Halo calls “labs” – created by the 8fit coaches. These labs aim to help you make a measurable impact on your health and wellness, especially when used in conjunction with the Halo Band. Try a range of 8fit programs from boxing sessions with our head coach Emily to HIIT and core challenges with exercises designed by coach Lina and others.

Here are some examples of 8fit Halo labs:

  • If you’re looking to make stretching a more regular part of your routine, try our “Increase flexibility with daily stretching” lab. In this lab, you’ll dedicate 7 days to stretching more – doing daily routines that are 5 minutes or less. The goal is to learn how different stretches make you feel and to potentially build a new habit of stretching daily.

  • If core strength is what you’re after, our “Strengthen your core by working up to a 2-minute plank” lab is for you. You’ll do daily core workouts for 3 weeks to improve your core strength while also working up a sweat and improving your posture.

That’s a small sampling of what our Halo labs have to offer. To purchase Amazon Halo, click here.

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