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The 8fit Guide: Get stronger and lose weight easily The Nutrition Guide


Habits, Goals, and Your Most Important Muscle 8 Ways to be More Disciplined The 80/20 Rule of Fitness Exercise and Happiness


Losing Water Weight: How Carbs Really Work Smart Carbs: The Glycemic Index How to Go Low Carb Why are Carbs So Bad?

Weight loss

The Flat Tummy Myth Weight Loss vs Fat Loss How to Detect Ketosis How to Cheat The Breakfast Myth

Muscle Gain

Strength Training: Bodyweight VS Lifting How to Tone your Abs


What You Should Eat How to Drink While Dieting 8fit's Guide to Protein Powders Health and Fat


Get Fit, Efficiently How to Warm Up before Exercise High Intensity Interval Training How to Tone your Abs Training Differences: Men and Women How to Stretch


Caffeine, Metabolism and Appetite Safe Supplements and Biohacking: The Basics Electrolytes, Energy and Exercise

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