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Skip the Gym: Do This 10-Min Workout Instead

The gym is not the best solution for you? Then find here a super effective workout that you can do any time at home.
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Unfortunately, most of us are not blessed with a love for the gym. It’s a mundane stomping ground that we only frequent when making overly ambitious goals. Each time, we convince ourselves that we can enjoy the experience, only to be let down again and again.

So instead of going back there again, why don’t you try something simpler and more realistic?

Do this workout to burn fat and build muscle definition

You can achieve the same results as a regular gym goer, through time-tested, quick workouts that you can do anywhere at anytime.

Exercise 1(repeat 8 times)
Rest for 1 minute
Exercise 2(repeat 8 times)
Mountain Climbers
Success! You burned 285 calories.

Seems doable right?

Here’s how much it works your body:

Tabata chart 9 min (old)

Why is it so effective?

Tabata is a high-intensity interval training (HIIT), which alternates between intense exercises (e.g. jumping and squatting) to keep your heart rate up, but allow periods of rest to keep you going.

Here are some benefits compared to other workouts:

You burn more calories
After HIIT, your body will burn accelerated rate for up to 48h.
You progress quickly
The breaks are timed to give you the extra boost.
You can do this anywhere
Life distractions won’t get in the way of your fitness.

So it doesn’t matter if you have a tough week at work, or if you’re travelling, all those excuses you make for not going to the gym, don’t apply here.

This powerful fat-burning routine takes less than 10 minutes, boost your energy and burns fat at an accelerated rate for hours to come.

Combine this workout with the 8fit’s quick meals, and see your body transform twice as fast.

Ready to try it?

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