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The 8fit app

8fit brings fun workouts, nutritious recipes, and sleep meditation to people tired of the fitness industry’s “no pain, no gain” mentality. The app features 800+ recipes and varied fitness programs that you can do without equipment any time, anywhere.

What will I get?

Fun, varied workouts

Combine full-body HIIT training with workouts like cardio boxing, yoga, Pilates, exclusive weekly classes and more.

800+ tasty recipes

Options for vegans and flexitarians alike. Discover recipes on the fly or follow a customizable meal plan.

Expert guidance

Get step-by-step help with your workouts and meal prep.

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  • Accessible workouts for any level
  • Fully customized meal plans
  • 24/7 fresh, new content
  • Sleep, meditation, stretching, and yoga

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In partnership with Nuzest

8fit has parterned with Nuzest to give you 3 months free access to 8fit PRO. Get the exclusive offer now! With this deal, you'll have access to customized workouts, healthy recipes, meditation content, articles written by experts and much more. We encourage you to take your fitness journey one step at a time and offer you a realistic guidance to a happier and healthier life!

User Reviews

Ana & Brian
With 8fit, it’s not about losing weight. Anyone can lose weight, but they might gain it back. 8fit taught us how to eat, how to follow a healthy diet and what to have in our pantry. Before, we would buy different things at the grocery store every time, but now we buy the same, healthy things with some variation.
I love the meals on the 8fit app. They are all very simple and easy to prepare. I need simplicity to accommodate my busy schedule. I also like the shopping list because it makes preparation easier and helps me understand exactly how much to buy for that week’s meal plan.
For me, the biggest benefit of using 8fit was the confidence building. There will be days that you won’t want to exercise, there will be days that you won’t want to meet your walking goals, and there will be days when you just want junk food. Walk anyways and stick to your meals.
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Our Philosophy

There are plenty of fitness brands and programs and apps–usually featuring lots of images of perfectly sculpted muscles– to get people really fired up about transforming their bodies. But the urge to transform overnight isn’t really that helpful in the long run. We at 8fit take a more holistic approach. Our customers are not machines to be optimized–they’re human beings who are trying their best to feel better. And we’re here to help them with workouts for all levels as well as meal planning, and tips & tricks about wellness. In the long run, so much of fitness is about balance.

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