A Week in the Life: Coach Alice’s Workout Journal

Just like writing in a diary helps you process your thoughts and move forward, keeping a fitness journal help you progress towards your goals. In this series, we asked 8fit coaches to share pages from their personal fitness journals. Coach Alice shares her love for starting slower on Sundays and adding a variety of workouts classes to her weekly plan.

Sundays are for starting slow

Yay, Sunday! I love Sundays because I don’t have to rush to be anywhere. This Sunday I got up at 8:30 a.m. and made a delicious bowl of oatmeal for me and my partner. For today’s workout, I chose barre since I did a lot of strength during the week. I’m really happy to see my flexibility starting to improve.

In the afternoon, I was able to go food shopping and plan some meals for the week ahead. For dinner, I enjoyed salmon with wilted spinach and baked potato. My plan is to get to bed earlier this week to feel refreshed for the morning. I really want to get more walking in addition to my workouts.


I woke up at 7.30 a.m. feeling super refreshed. I love getting up naturally without an alarm. I enjoyed a bowl of overnight oats and walked to work.


Before lunch (around 12:30 p.m.) is my favorite time of the day to work out and this Monday called for a strength session. I feel much stronger today and I think it’s because of the great night’s sleep I had.

Having meals prepped makes it so easy to have a healthy lunch immediately after my workout. Note to self: I must get into the habit of doing this regularly. After finishing work and having dinner, I enjoyed a hot bath before bed to really relax muscles and got to bed early.


Today, work was quite stressful and busier than I thought (or hoped). I didn’t have time for a workout, but that’s OK. I walked for an hour on my lunch break instead, which was actually really nice. I put on a good playlist and I was lucky that the sun was out – a rare sight for London. Again, meal prep really helped me stay on track since I didn’t have time to cook today.


Today I started work a bit later so that I could get up and walk to-and-from my pilates class. My goal for this year is to spend more time doing these type of workouts to help with my flexibility and core strength.

I hit the 12k step mark today — I’m happy about that. So far my walking goal is going great and I feel so much better now that I’m moving more and saving money, too.

As I started work later, I also finished a bit later. As a result, I ended up going to bed quite late (which was annoying). However, I’m trying to focus on not getting stressed about things which are out of my control. I listened to a meditation podcast before bed and felt much better.


Getting out of bed was hard this morning especially as I didn’t get enough sleep last night. My alarm was set for 6:45 a.m., which is earlier than I usually get up. I had a TRX workout planned today, which is one of my favorites, so I knew I’d feel good after. Exercising in the morning is a great way to start my day because it energizes me.

All in all, it was a very productive day and managed to get 14k steps in as I also walked to the cinema and back with my partner.

I’m leaving tomorrow to go to Thailand for a month, so I’m really happy I had an active day before traveling. I like to be active ahead of a long flight where I know I’ll be seated for a long period of time. Again, I got to bed quite late because I spent time packing after the cinema.

workout female coach palm trees


Got up at 7:00 a.m. today to get one last workout in before my flight. It would have been so easy to hit the snooze button a million times since I was tired, but I knew I would regret that when sitting on the plane. Also wanted my body to feel tired so I would be able to sleep better on the flight.

I always used to find it quite difficult to stick to a healthy routine while traveling, but now I remind myself not to stress and make the healthiest choices possible. I had my breakfast after my workout and enjoyed a healthy lunch with my partner at the airport. We chose a salmon salad and some sweet potato fries on the side.

I bought a healthy snack for the plane – some chopped carrots, hummus and a banana. On the airplane, I had my main meal but skipped the unhealthy snacks it came with and drank loads of water. It’s so important to stay hydrated when flying.

Thailand, here I come!