8fit Challenge Finalists: Congratulations and Thank You

We observed some pretty amazing transformations over the past 16 weeks. During the 8fit Challenge, 8fitters transformed their bodies, minds, and way of life to become healthier, better versions of themselves. We saw incredible physical transformations and were happy to hear things like I have more energy now or My kids are eating healthier now too!

As we prepare for our 8fit Challenge winners to visit us at 8fit headquarters and join us on a weekend wellness retreat in Ibiza, we want to take a moment to say thank you to all of our finalists.

Follow these inspirational 8fitters for motivation!

Love notes to our finalists

To @abalabagail: Thank you for giving it your all throughout the 8fit Challenge and being so consistent with the challenges.


To @amada_love1: Thank you for working hard with the meals and workouts and for inspiring your family to work out with you.


To @amandagwillim: Thank you for being a constant ray of sunshine and a source of support to everyone around you.


To @ashhmah: For working hard and getting an amazing transformation.


To @ashleighvonsixx: For posting some awesome 8fit meals and showing us how you meal prep.


Tray bake feast, lots of lovely veg to kill my sniffles!! #8fitchallenge @8fit

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To @being_sheFor rocking the 8fit Challenge and being consistent posting yummy meals and weekly tasks.


To @being.for.the.benefit.of.mrs.k: For giving it your all throughout the 8fit Challenge, your hard work and consistency have definitely paid off.


I have abs! #nonscalevictories #8fitchallenge #8fit

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To @beingdavidsmith: Thank you for being such a powerful motivator and for bringing such positivity and a sense of community to the 8fit Challenge.


To @chelbacca26: You inspired everyone around you with your abs of steel and your incredible fitness level.


To @taking_care_of_chrissy: For rocking the 8fit Challenge weekly tasks and committing fully!


To @dakota_mayxFor an amazing transformation and inspiring everyone around you.


To @dawnmiller14: Thank you for being an absolute trooper and pushing through when times were tough. You’re incredibly inspiring.


To fi_the_body_that_tried: Fiona, thanks for rocking the challenge and being such a remarkable motivator.


8fit transformation challenge finalist before and after

To get_fit_kyle: For taking us along for the ride as you made an incredible transformation. We’re so proud of your accomplishments!


To @get.woke.and.fit.with.tinaWe want to thank you for being such a positive inspiration to the 8fit community and your family.

To @healthyfillyThank you for inspiring us with your amazing flexibility and consistency throughout the challenge. Now, please come over and cook for us!


Day 5 of #SummerHybridAsanas is backbend with #mermaidbind and I chose a #dancerpose hybrid . . . Hosts @yogajosey @belleyoga.tokyo @the.home.practice @faithfoxmama . . Sponsors @bohemian_island @andarastars @merubeads @madhippieskinproducts @muktabeing . . Pose list: ☑️ Funky arm balance ☑️ Standing pose with a bind ☑️ Hip opener with a twist ☑️ Inversion with eagle legs ☑️ Backbend with mermaid bind 6. Seated pose with a bind 7. Yogis choice . . . . . . . #creativeyoga #yogapractice #yogalife #yoganewbie #fitness #sgfitness #healthylife #myyogalife #practicemakesperfect #yogajournal #yogisofinstagram #yogaeverydamnday #yogagirl #igyoga #yogagram #yogajourney #yogalove #perfectnever #yogapants #yogaeverywhere #practiceandalliscoming #yogini #ヨガ #ヨガポーズ #瑜伽

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To @hklean6Thank you for overcoming obstacles like staying on track while traveling — even when staying in hotels — and rockin’ the challenge overall.


To @imdavechurches: For owning the workouts and giving them everything you’ve got, all with a smile — and a sense of humor.


When I realized the last one is dynamic squats!!! 8x 20” #8fit #8fitchallenge

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To @jenita101Thank you for sharing your delicious and healthy meals as well as being such a great inspiration to your little boy.


#Week16 of the #8fitchallenge is all about sharing what we are proud of… Well, I have a lot to be proud of!! I have lost a ton of weight and inches, I reached my goal of fitting my piña shorts again, and I was nominated for the People's Choice award; but I think I am most proud of this little guy, #LucaHuitzilin. Even before he was born I would talk to him and tell him he will be #grandeYFuerte, and he is just that, big and strong! He is such a good eater and loves almost all foods! When I was a child my family was not very active, and I do not want that for him. I really want him to grow up eating healthy nutritional foods, drink lots of water (and milk) and be active every day, as well as only eat sweets as a special treat. Thanks to @8fit and the #8fitchallenge I have formed these habits for myself and can be an example for him! He is seriously the best baby and I am one #proudmama 🤗💪 he's also the best workout buddy, can't wait til he starts to walk on his own!

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To @jenrice22: Thank you for being so warm, consistent and caring.


jen rice 8fit challenge

To @kaybelle9: For totally embracing the 8fitchallenge and being super consistent with the weekly challenges. We also loved this meal prep photo! Way to be prepared.


To @kikoclary8fitgirl: Thank you for being such a strong and powerful challenger who bounces back from anything with full force and with a smile and such positivity.


Last week #16weeks8fit What are you proud of this challenge ? About all #8fitters who follow me and for all other #8fitters i missed maybe. Let us be proud of us! We did it together 16 weeks it was awesome . We felt down, sore , weak , was demotivated give up , stand up again because others motivated us to come back . Like @elena8fit 🙂 I get back for the last weeks :D, allways tried to get my first 8fit partner back @garys_space . Thanks to all who maybe care sometimes more about me then real friends 🙁 … @amandagwillim @alice_8fitcoach Like Alice said allways let’s rock this last week ! 🙂 👌💪🙏🎉 and stay connected after this challenge . Thanks for your friendship , inspiration, makes me laugh , makes me motivated in my whole life , teach me in exercises @chelbacca26 @merakinesis . and meals @jenrice22 , @fi_the_body_that_tried @rayzer45 . big shoutout @8fit great to have you 🙂 ❤️ without you , we never meet the others.

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To @mamabear_andherbabies: For consistently posting yummy and healthy 8fit meals.


To @mangolimesSuch a positive and incredible transformation. Keep sharing because we love following your journey.


These are my official @8fit after photos. The #8fitchallenge lasted 16 weeks and will officially close on July 29th. I began the challenge with a commitment to self-love and self-care. My focus was modelling a healthy, energized life for my son. I’m proud to say that though I’ve slipped up here & there, I’ve absolutely achieved my goal. No matter whether it was a couch & cake kind of day, or a two-workout day full of delicious veggies and fish, I loved myself fiercely. I continued to cook and enjoy the foods I love most like cheddar, but by reading the #8fit articles, and following their recipes, I learned how to control the portions I consumed and to ensure I was eating in moderation and with balance at the forefront. As of today, I’ve lost 24 lbs, but more importantly, I can do 10 perfect push-ups, countless burpees, race anyone up any flight of stairs and I can lift my son above my head repeatedly without breaking a sweat and to his utter delight. Thanks for helping me transform my life #8fit. #selflove #mama #fitmom #8fitchallenge #afterphotos

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To @micsgr8Thank you for your commitment, hard work and so many beautiful posts!


Week 14 of the #8fitchallenge yay!! I love mornings and greeting the new day 😊 1st I put on my workout clothes and stretch and breathe deeply for 5 minutes. Then do an #8fit workout. Shower and full body moisturise, makeup and dress. Then enjoy an #8fit breakfast sometimes with a coffee or tea. I love to sit and enjoy breakfast unrushed. I love to sit out on our deck in warmer months and watch nature, the beautiful movements and sounds of the gum trees and all of the life the lives in them, birds, koala and possums. Sometimes I will read a book while I enjoy breakfast. I love to see the glow, colours and sparkles as the sun rises and to feel it's warmth. Yep I am a morning person!! A great start to the day sets me up positively for the rest of the day 😊 😊

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To @millertimefine_180: For taking on the challenge with gusto and ensuring that the healthy habits stay with you wherever you are! Rock that bikini!


LONG POST ALERT: So to be honest I haven't gone swimsuits shopping in almost 3 years… and I haven't been under 200lbs in almost 9 years… July has shown me so much love I can being to express how greatful I am!!! At my heaviest in life I was 9mths pregnant with my Daughter… and to be at that weight and not be with child is shameful! My body is definitely not meant to carry that weight… My poor knees Lol! I started the year with the goal of -30lbs and I am so freaking close… I can claim it lol. Weight loss is not a Sprint to the Finish Line more like a marathon! You're not just gonna WAKE UP at your goal weight… you gotta work for it! This cute 2pc was picked out by my Bf after about an hour of me in and out of the fitting room… he chose this because he said I looked the most confident in it; Plus my butt looked good 😋 … confidence is attractive! #mybody #underconstruction #Confidence #weightlossjourney #bodypositive #workingonme #workforit #thickandfit #thickthighs #fullfigured #ilovehim #oorah #8fit #8fitchallenge #inspiration #weightlossgoals

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To @moshianesfitnessdiary: For being so honest and caring throughout the challenge and providing support to the 8fit community.


To @nanamariaj: Thank you for all your hard efforts and persistence throughout the challenge, all done with a smile and motivating your friends and family along the way.


My "little" son and me 😊😊#8fitmothersday #8fitchallenge #8fit

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To @prettyfitlocs: Thank you for being an inspiring and strong woman oozing with body confidence and positivity.


To @rayzer45: Thank you for being so consistent and always posting such healthy, delicious-looking 8fit meals — we love sharing them on our page.


To @roas23Thank you for always giving everything you do 100 percent effort and being such a strong, caring individual.


To @ronald8fit: Thank you for inspiring me and others with your remarkable transformation and showing what you can do if you put your mind to it.


To @sand_gnat99For being so consistent in the 8fit challenge and approaching everything with a big and beautiful smile.


To @sophia_picture: For working hard and getting an impressive transformation!


To @soulfullykikiThank you for being such a positive body influencer and a ray of light for everyone around you.


I AM FAT. I AM FIT. I AM WORTHY. MY BODY IS VALID. #EFFYOURBEAUTYSTANDARDS. I AM PROUD OF MYSELF FOR WHAT I'VE BEEN THROUGH. WHAT I'VE ACCOMPLISHED. WHAT I HEALED FROM. WHAT I OPENED MY HEART TOO. AND WHERE I AM GOING ♥️♥️♥️ Week 16 of the challenge & I am at the last few days of my #8fitchallenge and here's a message on what I'm proud of most. I have lost 20+ pounds in two months and tomorrow I will post a progress picture of my physical results but tonight it's all about my heart and mind and soul. Physical would not have happened without the inner healing. I am most proud of overcoming the guilt and shame of my partner leaving me because of my weight to actually open up to participating in this challenge, being open to the idea of self love and positive transformation again, and sharing my story with others and allowing people into my truth and journey to support me. This is my REAL Instagram. I know most #8fit challenge people made a special Instagram for this challenge but this is the account I've had for years and what people in real life know me on. I have shared my story with everyone and put myself on the line in a scary but rewarding way. I am so thankful for everyone's support and love and I am so proud to represent as a a proud, unashamed, fat woman participating in a #fitnesschallenge. I'm so excited to use my newfound platform to promote body positivity, fitness, and health and that people do not need to body shame and hate themselves to transform. Please listen ♥️ if you feel inspired, check out the #linkinbio to vote me for the @8fit people's choice award. 🙏🏾 Love to all ♥️♥️ #bodypositive #bodypositivity #fatpositive #fatgirlfitness #bodygoals #bodylove #loveyourself #lovethyself #fitnesschallenge #goldenconfidence #honormycurves #fatandfit #progressnotperfection #strongnotskinny #healthylife #fitness #exercise #thickfit #curvygirlfitness #blackwomendoworkout #testimony #voteforme #wordsofwisdom #feminist #findyourfitness #kappadelta

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To @the.botensThank you for being so constant and inspiring us with your strength and power.


Amazing work, everyone! We hope that these new, learned healthy habits stick and that you’re able to reach every new goal you set — big and small. Stay tuned for more 8fit challenges.