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The 8fit Fitness Guide: Get stronger and lose weight easily
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Coach Stories

From Benchwarmer to Bikini Competitor: Meet Coach Marife Sanvictores
Meet Coach Alice Fontecilla
Meet Coach Jennifer Witte


Habits, Goals, and Your Most Important Muscle
8 Ways to be More Disciplined
The 80/20 Rule of Fitness
Exercise and Happiness
Coach Marife’s Top 11 Motivational Quotes — Because 10 Just Isn’t Enough!


Losing Water Weight: How Carbs Really Work
Smart Carbs: The Glycemic Index
How to Go Low Carb
Why are Carbs So Bad?

Weight loss

The Flat Tummy Myth
Weight Loss vs Fat Loss
How to Detect Ketosis
How to Cheat
Metabolism: The Real Reason You’re Not Losing Weight… Yet!

Muscle Gain

Strength Training: Bodyweight VS Lifting
How to Tone your Abs


What You Should Eat
How to Drink While Dieting
8fit’s Guide to Protein Powders
Health and Fat
Blueberries: Nature’s Powerhouse
How to Break up with Sugar
Fast Food, Is It Really That Bad?
Ask a Coach: How to Deal with Salt and Sugar Cravings
Good Fat vs. Bad Fat – What You Need to Know
5 Easy Steps for Meal Preparation
Dizzy after a workout? Make your own isotonic sports drink
Three Quick Recipes That Will Help You Reach Your Goals
7 Healthy Swaps for a Better Diet
The Truth About Breakfast
Sugar: The Science Behind Your Sweet Tooth


Get Fit, Efficiently
How to Warm Up before Exercise
High Intensity Interval Training
How to Tone your Abs
Training Differences: Men and Women
How to Stretch
New to Exercise? Avoid These Top 4 Beginner Mistakes
Brisk Walks for Better Weight Loss
Ask a Coach: How Do I Get Started with Stretching?
Become a Better Runner with High-Intensity Interval Training
How to Stop Sabotaging Your Fitness Goals
Foam Rolling: What It Is, Why You Should Do It, and How to Get Started
Your Guide to Technical Workout Clothing
Tracking Your Way to Fitness: How and Why You Should Track Your Progress
Why Am I Sore?


Caffeine, Metabolism and Appetite
Safe Supplements and Biohacking: The Basics
Electrolytes, Energy and Exercise


6 Ways to Make Your Office Healthier

8fitter Stories

Spotlight on Sarah Robbins: How a Busy Chef Balances Work and Fitness