I have a specific injury. Can the app adapt to to it?

We recommend following the approaches below if you have a specific injury or physical state which may prevent you from performing particular exercises.

1)Replace any exercise you cannot do for another one

1.Go to your workouts screen
2.Tap on the workout you are about to do
3.Tap on the swirling arrows located next to an exercise – this indicates it can be replaced ?
4.Select a new exercise (choose from Suggested, Easier or Harder)
5.Do this for all exercises you feel you need then tap on ‘Start’ to begin your workout

2)Skip the workout or the exercise you can’t do

To skip a workout:
1.Tap on the workout you wish to check
2.Tap on each of the exercises listed in the workout overview to see if they could be problematic
2.If so, tap on the “…” you see in the upper right corner
3.Tap ‘Skip workout’

3)Try to perform all exercises but reduce the repetitions and do them carefully and slowly

Let’s do this  ??