Where can I see the number of repetitions I have to perform for each exercise?

Once you start the workout, the app will tell you how many reps to perform every time.
The format will be the following: a number + x (times)
E.g.: 10x lunges, which will mean you have to do 10 lunges.
If the exercise focuses on one side of the body, during the workout, you will be prompted to either:
a. Alternate sides (lunge side left, then lunge side right or 5 on each side = 10)
b. Complete half the reps before switching sides (lunge side to the left 5 times, then lunge side right 5 times = 10)
In the case of time – 0:20 push-ups – would mean: perform push-ups for 20 seconds.
If the workout is a loop of different exercises during a specific time frame, you will also find that indication named as rounds.
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